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We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Our Store

Plain and Fancy Gift Shop is proudly a woman led business. Owner Valerie Keuten has cultivated a unique mix of products, where you will always find something for everyone. From housewares, baby and children's clothing and accessories, women's accessories and jewelry, creative kitchen essentials, cards, a selection of premium soaps and lotions, hand poured candles, made in America and local vendor creations Val and her team strive for the perfect mix of products for their customers.  


It all started as a part time job. Back in 1983 our current owner Valerie wanted to get into the world of retail and thought the local gift shop would be the perfect fit. It didn't take long for her to fall in love with the business and two years later she was the perfect woman to take over. Here we are over thirty years later and Plain and Fancy Gift Shop is going strong and a prominent business in downtown Rochester.